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July 21,2024

I spotted my first pumpkin in Portland this weekend. I guess it was only a matter of time. It was hardly the only hint that summer is heading out. I can see it in the drooping petals of the flowers in my neighborhood's gardens, in the deepening sunsets over the Fore River.

My latest postcard - a little long in coming, apologies - is a celebration of the season now departing, with anticipation for the new one on the way. I'm heading out today for one last visit to my cabin Down East, which has no insulation (or electricity for that matter), before the wood stove won't be enough to keep me warm.

I hope you've had a lovely summer, despite the abundance of gray skies. Do write and tell me about your favorite moments. What will you miss the most? What are you looking forward to this fall? Drop me a line. As always, I'd love to hear.

Thanks for reading, as ever.



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Nita Lelyveld is the managing editor of the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram. She spent 20 years with the Los Angeles Times before moving to Maine, where her family has owned land
Down East for half a century. Send story suggestions to Nita and follow her on Twitter @mydayinmaine.

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